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How Essex Solar Panels Work

Read below and watch the video to see how solar panels work.

If harnessed, the amount the sun’s energy that falls on the planet in only 1 hour would cover the entire energy needs of the every single person on the planet for 1 year.

Re-read that line above again. Let it sink in how much energy the sun produces. This is an energy that never runs out. If it did we would all be dead anyway. All that energy is free if you have a way to capture it and that is just how solar panels work.

Even on cloudy days, solar panels collect sunlight and turn it into DC (direct current) electricity. This is then converted to the same type of current (AC alternating current) that comes from your electricity mains by something called an inverter.

The inverter monitors the output of your solar panels constantly and continually adjusts itself to ensure that the power generated is converted to AC (alternating current) in the most efficient way. The AC output of the inverter goes through a dedicated electric meter whose function is to record all the solar energy kWh that you are producing for the entire year. Your energy supplier is a like a bank that record your “credits” of electricity and you draw against that in the evening and other times when your solar panels are not producing energy.

How solar panels work is they are linked directly to your own electricity system as well as too your supplier and whatever energy you don’t use goes back to your energy supplier to be used by your neighbors.



And that is how solar panels work.