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Environment Friendly

Essex Solar Panels in Chingford, London & Dunmow

What if you could find a way to save the planet and save money while helping the country to be less reliant on buying fuel from foreign countries which may hold our need against us?

Fossil fuels like oil, petroleum, coal, and natural gas are running out and energy prices will continue to soar.

Energy prices for Chingford, London & Dunmow, Essex electricity have doubled in the last 10 years and are predicted to rise by 60% in the next five.

But we have a way where you can not only reduce your risk from higher cost but actually make a profit off the same utility companies that have been profiting from you all these years.

Essex Solar panels in Chingford, London & Dunmow not only generate FREE electricity but the new feed in tariff will give you a guaranteed TAX FREE income for 25 YEARS.

The average profit from a domestic system over 25 years is around £10,000 even with the new lower tariff which includes your savings from electricity bills. That is a return of over 10% better than most pensions!

Even if you don’t consider the other dangers of fossil fuels like oil spills, air pollution, carbon emissions, and even risks to our health, it makes good financial sense. Given time for return on an investment in Solar Energy Panels you can not only save money but actually return a profit. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the government and big business pay you for once.

essex solar panels daffodilsIf you live in Chingford, Dunmow, Essex or anywhere in London, Contact us today to see what Essex solar panels can offer you…

We have been scaling rooftops in these areas for over 11 years so are really familiar with the landscape of the area as well as the landscape of your roof. The last thing you need is to get an inexperienced person on your roof that will damage it while giving you a quote that is supposed to save you money.

Essex Solar Panels are the best way to save money now while making a profit for the future.